Cultivating green parenting to respond to climate change: An interview with Liberal Seburikoko — Liberal Seburikoko


Narrative practitioners are responding to climate change in a wide variety of ways. But, as we know, the effects of climate change encroach far more on some communities than others, with direct and profound implications for people’s lives, livelihoods and opportunities for continued subsistence. A group of workers at SOS Children’s Villages in Rwanda are responding to complex new challenges that have arisen for families as a consequence of extended drought. In this interview, Liberal explains the green pilot project, which recognises how family, community and planetary survival are inextricably linked. By combining education in agroforestry and parenting skills, and using knowledge and metaphors of kitchen gardening, the project supports families and communities to remain together through the development of sustainable, local food production while nurturing the wellbeing of children. Liberal was interviewed by David Denborough.