On forgiving the church, families, science and those who remain silent— Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad



Some years ago I was invited with my wife and fellow sexologist Elsa Almaas to view the movie ‘The Priest’ and then to go up on the stage to comment on it. The movie described a homosexual Catholic priest, the clerical judgements he was subject to, and the resulting personal torments. Most of the audience remained in the movie theatre to listen and to take part in the discussion. On the podium, in addition to the two of us, were a Catholic priest and a Lutheran priest.

Both priests commended the movie. The Catholic then went on to make some general remarks on his belief that the discussion on Christian Theology and homosexuality had to develop amongst theologians themselves, and therefore public conversations, such as the one we were engaged in, could only offer limited potential for meaningful change.