Team of Life A collective narrative methodology offering young people a sporting chance

This detailed video conveys all the key parts of the Team of Life methodology and shares examples and songs along the way:

  • Chapter 1: The origins of the Team of Life approach in north Uganda
  • Chapter 2: Key Principles
    • Principle 1: Telling our stories in ways that make us stronger
    • Principle 2: Creating a ‘riverbank’ position
    • Principle 3: “It’s all about having fun”
    • Principle 4: Start with what people already know
    • Principle 5: Collective disclosure
    • Principle 6: Enabling contribution
  • Chapter 3: Creating a ‘teamsheet’
    • Who fills all of the positions?
    • What does the team defend? What does it stand for?
    • Honouring particular descriptions and phrases.
    • Where have the team values come from? Traditions and links.
    • Sharing of teamsheets from Uganda, Brazil and Palestine
  • Chapter 4: Celebrating goals already scored
    • Making a goal map
    • Re-enacting goals and celebrating
  • Chapter 5: Future goals
    • Identifying future goals
    • Training to achieve the goal
  • Chapter 6: Tackling problems
  • Chapter 7: ‘World United’, Team of Life theme song created during camp run by Families SA Refugee Service

For more on the Team of Life, visit:

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