Video archive of David Denborough’s teachings

On this page you’ll find a collection of presentations by David Denborough in relation to collective narrative practice and narrative therapy. These include recent keynote addresses; workshops about key methodologies (Tree of Life, Team of Life, Kite of Life, collective timelines, songs, collective documents); presentations about key histories including collaborations in Rwanda; and workshops to colleagues in Kurdistan, Brazil and China. We welcome your comments and reflections!

Recent keynote addresses

Three stories, three songs and ten principles

For a keynote address to a narrative therapy conference in Cologne, Germany, I tried to articulate 10 (or 11) key principles of practice through sharing three songs and the stories of how these were created. These include the first song I wrote in a work context using narrative practice. It’s

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Checklists of social and psychological resistance

The first checklist social and psychological resistance was developed in collaboration with Mohammed Safa in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2006. In this presentation, I share that story and describe how such checklists can be created to honour local resistances and what is precious to people even in the most devastating of

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Histories of collective narrative practice

The influence of Rwanda

Histories of narrative therapy and community work in Rwanda

Some of my most significant workshop experiences have taken place in Rwanda, in particular a workshop back in 2007 with counsellors and assistant lawyers from Ibuka, the national genocide survivors association. This workshop was the result of an invitation from Kaboyi Benoit and I was there with Cheryl White and

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To Kurdistan, Brazil, China

Earlier videos

The ‘draft’ Narrative Therapy Charter of Storytelling rights

This video was the first Dulwich Centre online Friday Afternoon video in February 2015 and represented the launch of the Narrative Therapy (draft) Charter of Story-Telling Rights. This Charter is part of a broader project in relation to ‘narrative justice’:
* When meeting with people whose problems are the

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