Are there particular places you go to that bring comfort in relation to loss?

Why are these places special? Can you tell a story about these places?

Are there particular memories you deliberately revisit and that bring you comfort?

Are there any things about the person that has died that you want to ‘carry on’ in your life?

What things do you think the person would want you to continue in your life?

The Dulwich Centre Foundation is currently coordinating a collective project designed to assist women who are experiencing grief. Contributions to this project are being gathered from women around the world.

We have also developed a framework for workers so that this project can continue into the future, in many different countries and contexts.

A web-based resource

The stories that are collected as part of this project will form an ongoing, interactive web-based resource.

This resource will be of benefit to not only women who have experienced grief, but also their families, friends, and other loved-ones – as well as workers from the mental health and social services sectors.

We invite women to share their experiences of grief and loss and contribute to this project, and respond to the other stories that will appear on the website.

In this way, we hope to build a growing online international resource – and foster connections between women from around the world – that we hope will provide reflection, comfort, and inspiration for women, their families, and loved-ones, as well as therapists, health professionals, and community workers.

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