For those interested in contributing to the project, here are some areas that we would like to further develop:

  • A workbook or basic text that will map out a plan of action for those wishing to reclaim their lives from substances.
  • A pilot group (it will be our second) will be launched when there is considerable interest in creating a new resource.
  • We would like to establish our own web page. We welcome your help with this, especially someone with editing skills.
  • We would like to put together a registry of persons who are available to act as outsider-witnesses for those taking steps to change their relationship with substances.
  • After the pilot group has been run we’d love to see other groups form in different cities. Perhaps you’d be interested in starting a group in your area.

Some other possibilities for the league include:

  • We’d also like to set up a support system for narrative therapists who wish to work in the field of addiction treatment.

This project is in its initial stages and we would love to hear from anybody who is interested in contributing to it. We are interested in posting on this web page further articles, letters, documents, insider knowledges, and relevant empowering and healing stories of those who are coming to terms with issues of addiction in their lives and work.

If any of these aspects seem appealing to you please let us know. You can write to the Deconstructing Addiction League by contacting Dulwich.

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