In this Friday Afternoon presentation, Mark Hayward takes us through Michael White’s Statement of Position Map 1 and how these enable externalising conversations. Within this presentation Mark will also invite you to chart an externalising conversation. Included below are a number of related documents and a PowerPoint presentation to accompany this DVD. This Friday Afternoon video is therefore a little longer than the earlier presentations (43 minutes). We hope you enjoy it! And we look forward to your participation in the forum. A transcript of Mark’s video is available here.

Please download the following interactive documents!

Further reading (free to download)

Externalising: Commonly asked questions


There is a wealth of literature available in relation to externalising conversations in narrative practice. Many of these texts are available for purchase in our bookshop.

In his presentation, Mark is particularly drawing on Michael White’s work which is clearly described in the book Maps of Narrative Practice

You may also be interested in the chapter ‘Externalizing and responsibility’ which appears in Narrative Practice: Continuing the conversations

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