Now that we’ve created a team sheet, it’s possible to think about a goal/achievement that this team has already scored.

It doesn’t have to be a large goal …

Making new friends

Part 2

My family staying together – between home and hospital!

making new friends

Getting my driver’s license!

my family staying together

Or sometimes the goals our teams have scored are bigger …

Going to France thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation!

make a wish foundation

Coming to Australia to seek safety

Australia seeking safety


Young people at the Royal Children Hospital (RCH) Melbourne have identified a range of different goals and accomplishments:

  • Getting used to giving myself needles
  • Getting back to school
  • Going home to Groote Eylandt
  • Getting a job
  • Changing some really bad habits and getting back into life
  • Waking up some days
  • Deciding what to wear!
  • Getting back to playing football
  • Moving out of home
  • Making a new ‘home’ in Melbourne
  • Going to university
  • Going travelling to Boston, USA!
  • Studying multimedia
  • Getting my driving license
  • Staying together as a family (while moving between Swan Hill and Melbourne)
  • Getting an A+ in my major media production
  • Starting to make a short film
  • Coming second in Italian class
  • Going to France!
  • Going to a music festival
  • Going to Europe for 5 weeks and walking up a massive volcano (even though I went blue at the top!)
  • Flying on the plane to get here (even though it freaks me out physically as well as emotionally!)

Facing our biggest fears:  These have been different for all of us. But we agreed that, whatever the fears are, facing them and not letting them get in the way, is the goal we feel most proud of!

Create your own goal map

  • Think of a goal / achievement that has already been scored by your team. Draw a goal map that indicates the different contributions that people made to the achievement of this goal:
  • Can you describe who was involved in the scoring / attaining of this goal?
  • Was it a solo effort? Or did other members of your team of life help out? How?
  • Did your coach encourage you or help you with tactics?
  • What parts did everyone play in this: homeground, defense, attack, teammates etc.
  • What skills or knowledge or values did you or others use in the scoring of this goal?
  • Where did these skills/knowledge/values come from?
  • What training did you and others do to make it possible to score this goal?
  • How often did you do this – each day, once a week? Where did you train? How did you learn how to do this training? Did anyone show you?
  • Draw a scoreboard on one corner of the document and mark up this goal!

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