Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the first issue of the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work for 2003. We’re really looking forward to the various publishing projects that we have in store for this year.

This edition consists of three sections. The first contains five accessible and thorough practice-based papers detailing a wide range of narrative practices including: the use of outsider witnesses; letter-writing and re-membering practices within school counselling contexts; working with people who are struggling with problems of substance use; and ways of destabilising the habits of highly effective problems.

The second section contains thoughtful interviews relating to history and healing. Two of these were conducted in South Africa and relate to ways in which Apartheid and Holocaust histories are being engaged with to contribute to healing in the present. The third interview describes the inspiring work of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York City.

The final section, entitled ‘Voices from Bali’ has been created as a response to the bombing that took place there last year. We have collected the views and perspectives of a number of people who live and work in Bali. It is our hope that these words will remind us of the longer term effects of violence, and that they will draw our attention to the creative and thoughtful responses of the Balinese people.

Thank you for your readership. We look forward to hearing your reflections throughout the year. Your ideas, thoughts, suggestions and questions are what make the process of publishing creative and generative. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this first issue for 2003.

Warm regards,

Dulwich Centre Publications.