Welcome to the second on-line issue of the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work! This issue opens with a paper from Hong Kong practitioners, Sharon Shui-king Leung and Ellen Yee-man Ma about re-membering practices with two young women. There is a thriving community of narrative practitioners in Hong Kong and we look forward to featuring more work from this part of the world in years to come. As this journal is now on-line, this will also provide the opportunity to publish in more than one language in future.

The second paper in this issue, is a detailed exploration of theory and practice from Ron Findlay on the theme of narrative approaches to discussing sex life in therapy. This is a topic we have been keen to publish on for a number of years. A dear Mexican colleague, Emily Sued (who has since passed away), would point out to us how few papers there were in relation to narrative sex therapy. This is now changing, and we think Ron’s paper makes a significant contribution to this growing field.

The second part of the journal consists of two papers that combine narrative practices and principles with the use of metaphor. Natale Rudland-Wood offers the long awaited ‘Recipes for Life’ which is already being engaged with young and old. And David Denborough describes the use of the Team of Life with young men from refugee backgrounds.

Finally, we’re pleased to include a paper by Tom Strong considering the implications of the DSM-V. Over coming months we will be developing a draft ‘user guide’ of the DSM for families in which a young person has received a DSM diagnosis. We invite any of you who are interested in participating in this process to contact us.