cover Welcome to the third on-line issue of the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work which includes papers focusing on work in Hong Kong, Kurdistan (Iraq), USA, Australia and New Zealand!

Part One focuses on narrative therapy with young people. In particular, these two papers explore ways of enabling young people who are attending counselling to link their lives with, and make contributions to, other young people.

Part Two consists of a publication entitled ‘Responding to survivors of torture and suffering: Survival skills of Kurdish families’ which is the result of a partnership between Kirkuk Center for Torture Victims in Iraq and Dulwich Centre Foundation International.

Part Three includes two papers that build bridges between narrative therapy and other approaches. A paper from New Zealand explores how narrative practices can be used to accompany strengths-based approaches. And a paper from the USA makes links between Buddhist/mindfulness perspectives and narrative therapy approaches to trauma.

This journal concludes with explorations from Hong Kong about how teaching exercises and games can be used to introduce concepts of poststructuralism that inform narrative practice.