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The field of narrative practice continues to thrive and this issue contains profoundly diverse papers from very different contexts!

It begins with a paper by Aboriginal feminist, Kylie Dowse, describing her group work with men who have engaged in violence. This is followed by a creative community project, facilitated by Lauren Jones in the USA, using narrative practice to respond to heartbreak. Laurel Phillips then describes a narrative therapy project in relation to chronic pain that took place in Mexico. We’re then delighted to include a paper from South Korea, in which Eunjoo Lee describes the ways she is using narrative practices to assist people to deconstruct social discourses and social conformity in their local context. The final two papers both involve creative work with children. Amy Liu, in Hong Kong, has developed a sparkling innovative approach that involves children learning a new language authoring storybooks. And Jocelyn Lee, in Singapore, describes her group work with children in situations of family violence.

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Welcome again to a new year of creative narrative practice papers.

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‘Thwarting Shame: Feminist engagement in group work with men recruited to patriarchal dominance in relationship’ Kylie Dowse. (Pages 1-10)

‘Responding to those surviving the unchosen loss of love’ Lauren Jones. (Pages 11-20)

‘A narrative therapy approach to dealing with chronic pain’ Laurel Phillips. (Pages 21-30)

‘Conformity pressures: Deconstructing social discourses in the Korean context’ Eunjoo Lee. (Pages 31-39)

‘Children authoring storybooks: A narrative approach for children learning a new language’ Amy Liu. (Pages 40-56)

‘Responding to children in situations of family violence: Narrative therapy group work with children’ Jocelyn Lee. (Pages 57-70)