Dear reader,

We hope this year is treating you kindly so far. Welcome to the first journal issue of 2018!

You will find here narrative practice papers that range from counselling to community projects. Also included is a powerful personal/political story, and an interview in relation to a social action project.

The themes addressed include friendship, responding to sexual violence, working with parents when children are in out-of-home care, grief, feminist practice, addressing Islamophobia, and how narrative practices that we have learned in a professional context might assist us in times of personal crisis.  

We hope these papers, stories and interviews, will be resonant and helpful to you and those with whom you work wherever this may be.


Cheryl White


‘Creating ripples: fostering collective healing from and resistance to sexual violence through friendships’, Michelle Dang. (Pages 1-9)

‘Navigating relationships when our children are in out-of-home care: a narrative group and community project for parents whose lives are affected by child protection intervention and the removal of their children’, Lauren Graham. (Pages 10-21)

‘Still alive: Counselling conversations with parents whose child has died during or soon after pregnancy’, Helene Grau Kristensen & Lorraine Hedtke. (Pages 22-30)

‘Narrative practice with a feminist leaning’, Kelsi Semeschuk. (Pages 31-40)

‘Reclaiming lives from sexual violence’, Tim Donovan. (Pages 41-48)    

‘Awakening hope through narrative practices’, Judith Johnson. (49-56)

‘Speed date a Muslim: An interview with Hana Assafiri’, Sarah Strauven. (Pages 57-62)