• Overeating as a Serious Problem and Foods as Real Good Friends: Revising the Relationship with Food and Self in Narrative Conversations— Angela Tsun on-Kee Quick View

    This paper tells the story of ‘John’ and the ways in which he has revised his relationship with food and with himself through narrative conversations. It is the first example within narrative therapy literature that documents an approach to working with overeating. The work took place in Hong Kong, China.

  • Different Understandings of Love— Angela Tsun On-kee Quick View

    What is love? People’s understandings of love and their attempts to find and create it, significantly influence how they live their lives. This short reflection suggests that examining and deconstructing philosophies of love can open up meaningful realms for therapeutic explorations.

  • Responding to Child Abuse: Confucianism, Colonisation, Post-structuralism— Angela Tsun On-kee Quick View

    Post-modern and post-structuralist ideas encourage us to ask questions such as: What is reality? What is objectivity? Who decides the objective criteria? Whose perspectives are informing what we believe to be the truth? How are our identities constructed? This piece describes how these questions have informed the author’s therapy and social work practice with a particular emphasis on understanding and responding to child abuse in Hong Kong.

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