• ‘Making Haste Slowly’: Applying a Narrative Approach to the Task of Managing a ‘Crisis’ Situation— Manja Visschedijk Quick View

    This short piece explores the ways in which narrative ideas can be helpful for managers in responding to ‘crisis’ situations. It is written by a manager of a supported accommodation service. The author would appreciate any feedback, discussion or ideas from readers about this article or on any aspect of the use of narrative approaches in the management of similar ‘crisis’ situations.

  • ‘When The Crisis broke out, our whole world went upside down’ The special skills and knowledge that are sustaining us during the economic crisis in Greece— Margarita Katsikadelis Quick View

    This paper details a project honouring Greek people’s skills of re-claiming their lives from the troubling effects of the recent financial crisis. Canvassing a process that used a questionnaire, collective documentation, and definitional ceremony, this work identifies and celebrates special skills and knowledges that sustain people during crisis.

  • Fascinating Racism in the age of the Greek crisis: Stories of resistance— Georgia Korre Quick View

    This paper describes a project undertaken by a part of the Antiracist Group of the University of Crete in the city of Rethymno between September 2012 and April 2013. Given that the onset of the Greek Financial Crisis has been accompanied by an increasing prevalence of racist and nationalistic discourses, this project intended to address the problem of racism and its multiple effects in our local community. We made use of specific narrative tools such as narrative documents, externalising conversations, and conversations that highlight unique outcomes. This paper is a presentation of our work in three parts. The title was inspired by Susan Sontag’s essay, Fascinating Fascism (1975).

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