• Michael White: Fragments of an Event— John Winslade & Lorraine Hedtke with an introduction by David Epston Quick View

    We present here fragments, reconstructed from memory, of Michael White’s last workshop. These fragments are interspersed with descriptions of events that took place in San Diego in the days leading up to Michael’s death. Our focus here is not on the medical details, nor on the private family stories, but on the task of recording Michael’s last efforts to teach. Our hope is to play a small part in allowing his words to continue to resonate.

  • Playing and narrative therapy: Synthesising narrative practice and occupational therapy in work with children— Christine Ullmann Quick View

    This article explores combining occupational therapy with practices from narrative therapy. The contexts of play allows a site for working with both children’s physical challenges, as well as dominant problem stories. Throughout the paper, examples of work with individual children show the links between occupational and narrative practices, specifically in relation to situating problems outside of children, the use of scaffolding both conversations and physical challenges, and developing alternative stories that help children renegotiate relationships with the problems in their lives.

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