Intergenerational narrative practice in response to intergenerational trauma—Saviona Cramer


As part of a year-long narrative practice training program taking place in Rwanda, Saviona Cramer offered a workshop on intergenerational narrative practice in response to intergenerational trauma. She drew on her work with Jewish families whose parents or grandparents survived the Holocaust. The workshop took place on 16 August 2018 on the shores of Lake Kivu. It was a very significant day. Rwandan colleagues indicated that there was profound resonance and great interest in how such practices could be used in Rwanda. That evening, David Denborough sat down with Saviona and interviewed her in order to create this short paper. The following day, Rwandan colleagues were invited to speak about what was significant to them about this work. Their perspectives are included in the following piece, ‘Intergenerational narrative practice in the shadow of genocide: Rwandan reflections’.