Welcoming new arrivals

This video is a message of welcome to newcomers to Adelaide from a group of young Syrians and friends who came to Australia as refugees. Here they share their tips for making a new life in Adelaide as well as conveying what they would most like to show newcomers about this land and country. Curtis Falla & Tileah Drahm-Butler also provide a First Nations welcome. Featuring this video:
This video was made as part of a wider project made possible by the Collier Charitable Fund Within this same project, young people also spoke about the ways they negotiate cultural differences within families and across generations.

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  1. Jessa

    This makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing

  2. Shyamolima

    Beautiful, heart warming letter

  3. Manmeet

    The welcome message is a beautiful way to help newcomers with their fears of a new place. When one is a refugee and is looking for a safe space, away from war, it is a big solace to get a warm welcome from your own country-men and the native people.The small challenges like time management, riding a bus and not getting lost in a new place seem very difficult to cross, but with little help from friends all this becomes smooth. It is a very wise project which needs to be widely emulated.

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