Working with young people

This chapter focuses on creative work with young people from Zanzibar, Rwanda, USA and South Africa.  

Resisting social injustices

We start in Zanzibar where Gharib Abdalla has used re-authoring practices, the Team of Life, documentation and outsider witnessing in working with young people facing social injustices in Zanzibar. His work assists them to resist social injustice in the absence of loved ones.

Responding to the effects of rape

During the Rwandan genocide in 1994, rape was used systematically as a weapon of war and a means of genocide. Many children were born as a result. Now young adults, these children have faced significant stigma and ongoing hardships. Using a narrative framework developed for receiving and documenting testimonies of trauma, Adelite Mukamana’s presentation shares the stories of five children born of rape following the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It documents some of the ongoing effects of the genocide, the hardships these young people have faced, both within their families and in the broader society, how they have survived, and their hopes and commitments for the future.


We close this chapter with two examples of work with young people who are seeking asylum and safety in new lands.

Hugo Kamya is responding to young unaccompanied refugees in the USA.

Narratives in the suitcase

Inspired by the work of Glynis Clacherty, Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo here shares the work of the Narrative of the Suitcase.

And a more recent update in relation to how the suitcase project is supporting people’s journeys in diverse contexts:

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