A message from Syrian mothers

When a group of Syrian mothers heard these young people’s welcoming tips, they sent the following message:


We are a group of Syrian mothers meeting at the Muslim Women’s Association here in Adelaide. Today we heard the letter that you wrote at Adelaide Secondary School of English. Some of you are our children! There were 15 of us mothers listening today and also 5 small children.

We think your letter says it all. Some parts were very moving to us. Even though you are young, it is like you are speaking for us. Home will always be home. We also miss our friends.

The person who was translating for us today was very moved when you said that you miss speaking Arabic. Some of us had some tears as we listened to your words.

Sometimes here, I have felt as if I am the only sane person in a big insane group. When I said this, many other mothers laughed and agreed with me. So I realised maybe there are some other sane people too!

We also laughed when we heard how much you like the MacDonald’s creamy ice-cream.

And we smiled when we heard about you getting your driver’s licence. We are about to learn how to get our L-plates.

One of us spoke about how she hopes one day to return to Syria, after the war is over, and she hopes you can visit her there.

One of us spoke about how as a mother, she wants to heal and cure herself so that she heal and cure her children. It can be very hard to make a new life.

Some of us spoke of how we have only been in Australia for five months but now we are starting to feel more confident. Just as you are.

You have only been here for 4-6 months but now you are thinking how to welcome others.

We are proud of you.

Your letter says it all. 


Part 8: two songs

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