What Are The Best CBD Gummies?

When you start using CBD products and oil, start off with a small dosage. If you are using CBD capsules then you are more likely to overdose. If you are using CBD oils and capsules, start off with the…


Beginner’s Guide to CBD

When to Start Taking CBD Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, and it's part of human culture. While many doctors today still prescribe marijuana for medical conditions, the legalization of medical marijuana has increased interest in CBD.…


Türkiye Narrative Terapi

  Video 1 Giriş (Introduction) Bu videoda Narrative Terapi ile nasıl tanıştığımı, sonrasında Türkiye Narrative Terapi Topluluğu olarak neler yaşadığımızı ve nihayet bu videoların ne amaçla hazırlandığını bulacaksınız. In this video, you will find how I met first with…


Resisting Calling-Out Culture: “Leaning in” with respect and dignity by Vikki Reynolds

In this presentation, Vikki discusses strategies from activist movements to resist calling-out culture - where we cut off, exile and attack fellow workers - and instead find ways to offer critique which is different from attack. Structuring safety and creating cultures of critique requires that we create relationships of respect and dignity as a frame for our solidarity.


The bystander project

We want to stand with you: A bystander action project  When we witness discrimination or harassment how can we respond?   To the young women of the Muslim Women’s Association, Hi. We’re a group of young women - friends…


Part 8: two songs

Spirit of pride Here is a song, 'Spirit of Pride’ that represents the journey of making a new life in a new land:   Spirit of the sea   Part 9: Primary school knowledge— how we tackle problems



Denborough, D. (Ed.). (2006). Trauma: Narrative responses to traumatic experience. Adelaide, Australia: Dulwich Centre Publications. Denborough, D. (2008). Collective narrative practice: Responding to individuals, groups, and communities who have experienced trauma. Adelaide, Australia: Dulwich Centre Publications. Denborough, D. (2014).…


About narrative approaches

This project is based on narrative approaches to therapy, group work and community work. These approaches were initially developed by Australian, Michael White, and New Zealander, David Epston. Narrative therapy centres people as the experts in their own lives…



The following people and organisations made this project possible!    All the young people whose ideas, skills, knowledge and stories are contained in these pages … and especially their determination to share what they know in order to assist…


A message from Syrian mothers

When a group of Syrian mothers heard these young people’s welcoming tips, they sent the following message: Hello, We are a group of Syrian mothers meeting at the Muslim Women’s Association here in Adelaide. Today we heard the letter…

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Part 5: LGBTQA journeys

We are young people from the Feast Queer Youth Drop In Space. We know quite a bit about journeys and migrations. There are some journeys we’ve already completed. Others that we are still on. Some we are just beginning…


Part 1: How we overcome bullying

In this section, young people share stories about the ways they got through some of the hardest times in their lives. We begin this section with tips on how young people have been able to overcome bullying, then we…



There are 15 students at our small community school in Adelaide. Many of us have attended quite a few other schools before coming here. Some of us have moved homes a lot which means we change schools too, but…



  Transforming our national anthem  There are many current initiatives to transform our national anthem. Hopefully, one day the peoples of this land will get to choose a new version (or versions!).  We don't think it's up to us…


Recipes for Life: A collective narrative methodology in responding to gender violence by Meizi Tan

This Friday Afternoon video by Meizi Tan explores the double story development of women’s responses to gender violence through the use of collective narrative methodology. This project describes the use of Recipes for Life in a two-days-one-night group work retreat organized for women who have experienced gender violence in their intimate relationships.