An encyclopedia of young people’s knowledge and life-saving tips

How we overcome bullying, survive the ocean of depression, try not to take people’s hate into our hearts, and much more!

This ‘book of knowledge’ brings together important tips from young people about ways of tackling problems, overcoming bullying, surviving the ocean of depression, and much more!



You will find in these pages survival strategies for when life is full of dramas, special skills in not taking people’s hate into your heart, and stories about what young people have learnt from journeys they have undertaken.

This encyclopedia contains knowledge and philosophies of students from primary schools, high schools and universities. It includes stories from young people from many different worlds.


Definition of encyclopedia:


A reference work containing articles on various topics dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty.





Part 1: How we tackle problems – tips from Aboriginal primary school students


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  1. Sandra Owen

    It was very enjoyable to see how these individuals identified their issue and walked their own way through it, awesome

  2. Shayla Dube

    I find my myself taken aback to Chimamanda’s danger of single story and this module did an excellent job in highlighting how we can we can document people’s skills and knowledge ways that are honouring. An encyclopedia of young people’s knowledge and life-saving tips was golden.


    I think when children and youth can be guided to name their problems and find their own solutions or sources of inspiration and hope is so powerful.

  4. Alycia

    The comment here that really sticks is ‘Governments lead people into depression and then try to lead them out again.’ If only governments listen more to what people are actually saying and the bold, strong ideas that are being put forward by communities, rather than continuing to fight against them.

  5. Charity Magombo

    That’s really helpful, not only for youths but even adults. This saying does not help only youths “Patience is really very important and it’s very true that we should have more than one goal”
    Also I liked this “Make your body tired so your mind can forget” this is really true and helps a lot.
    Thank you so much.


    It was really interesting to see how people helping others with depression helped them with their journey. These tips are really useful for assisting people particularly those from people who are from diverse cultures. These are important stories of resilience that should be celebrated.


    Great projects and themes!

  8. RoseGwassa

    I find these tips not only helpful in working with young people, but with every person suffering depression. Most important they are all fitting well in my context, i am excited to enrich them with more stories in my practices.

  9. FrancisOsure

    This is very encouraging since we all have problems that we have to deal with as individuals.


    I really loved the video ‘Surviving the Ocean of Depression’ there were so many strategies offered for supporting well-being but my favourite example was swimming in the ocean, the ocean is a healing place for me.

  11. Kevan Walker

    I’ve had my anticipation built up since I first heard about this compiling of young people’s knowledges a few years ago & am glad that it’s come to fruition! So often young folks get portrayed as having lesser knowledge than adults or none at all.I especially like that this is a “living document” that will continue to flower! I’m glad as an adult to be a recipient of these treasures & as a purveyor to others!

  12. Tom Strong

    This is quite fantastic and a great step into housing kid-acquired, kid-friendly, wisdom. Bravo for this.

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