Exhibiting hope and creating social inclusion in our own ways— an art exhibition by the Afghan Youth of South Australia

Click the thumbnails to see a large version of the images and a description:

About the exhibition:

A while ago, we heard a document created by young women at the Muslim Women’s Association of South Australia. It was called, ‘We try not to take people’s hate into our hearts’. When we heard these young women’s stories we said:


“It’s amazing! Fantastic! We loved it. Thank you for sharing your words! We are a group of young Afghanis, both young women and young men. Your words made a good contact with our lives. The experiences were really familiar. Some of us are artists and photographers. We talked about how some of your stories could be turned into art or paintings or drawings. Would you be interested in this? Maybe we could work on this together?”


And so we have! In this exhibit you will find our photography, paintings, calligraphy and songs. We hope you like them!

Click here to view a copy of the exhibition brochure.

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