Part 10: Primary school knowledge— trying not to fight with friends

In this video, Stay Strong Football Club offers some ideas about ways to come together after a fight, try not to fight with friends, and how to work towards good behaviour at any place. We hope these ideas are helpful to others!



Part 11: Looking to the future and not giving up on our goals


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    Sandra Owen

    Sport is a great way for kids to find a common goal together and walk towards their achievement. I like the way they connected to achieve a complicated task.

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    Kennis Choi

    very wonderful video….I also learned some ideas from him.

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    zorica ciganovic

    an excellent video

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    These are terrific videos. Thank you, you inspire everyone to have courage and resilience.

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    good tips and sounds like this young man has plenty of support around him

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    Kitty Thatcher

    The idea of getting someone to teach you a complicated skill to give you something to concentrate on and work towards when you’re feeling stressed or angry is a really good one! Thanks for the tip!

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    Jennifer Stevens

    Oh wow, what a good video! You certainly speak with courage, and I was thinking how useful your words are, particularly about the team to help support you.
    Thank you, for making this video.

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