The bystander project

We want to stand with you: A bystander action project 

When we witness discrimination or harassment how can we respond?


To the young women of the Muslim Women’s Association,

Hi. We’re a group of young women – friends and workmates. A few months ago, we heard your story, ‘We try not to take people’s hate into our hearts’ and your words challenged and inspired us. Not only did you make us realise that discrimination is happening on our local streets, buses and trains on a daily basis, but the way you handle these scenarios, with humour and kindness, really moved us. 

In fact, your words have moved us to action and to start a small project which aims to provide bystanders with the tools to respond in different situations, whether witnessing racism, sexism or homophobia or other forms of hostility. 

This project is happening because of your words. We want you to know that we now carry your stories with us daily. Your efforts not to take people’s hate into your hearts are now embedded in our hearts. And this is making us take action. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We hope we can stay in touch.

Anni, Charlotte, Kelsi, Molly, Laura and Sophia on behalf of the Bystander Action Project


[box] An invitation to others:
We also would like to hear from other people, wherever you are living, about how you are trying to take action when you witness discrimination or harassment. What actions are you taking? Can we share your ideas and stories? [/box]

Some resources we like:

Australian Human Rights Commission ‘Racism It Stops with Me‘ Campaign:



Western Sydney University Bystander Anti-Racism Project 



Victorian Government – Respect Women campaign 


Southern Poverty Law Centre ‘Speak Up’ handbook

Rise Above the Pack— how to be a positive bystander

The Conversation— Eradicating racism from campus 

SBS News— How to intervene when witnessing a racial attack 



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