How we are trying to avoid misgendering others

We would like to invite narrative practitioners into a project of sharing stories of how we are trying to avoid misgendering others. Misgendering — referring to someone by the pronouns or honorifics of a gender that is not theirs — is a daily event for most trans people. How are we — as practitioners, as organisations, as friends, partners, siblings — trying to avoid misgendering others? No doubt this will be really different depending on our contexts.

We would love to hear the stories of the initiatives that you are taking, no matter how small. Please send your stories to Zan and over time we will include the stories of such initiatives here! 

In the meantime, you may like to read this resource we have created: 

She/he/they/ze/hir: Talking about pronouns and gendered language.

We would be interested in your feedback and stories. 


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