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Would you like this revised anthem to become our Australian official anthem? If so, we welcome your involvement in having this version sung and performed in your local community. No matter how small your action we’d then like to hear about it. In the comments section below, please tell us the story of how you talked about this with friends, in your workplace, had it sung in your child’s school, at your sporting event and so on. Thanks!  

About this revised anthem 

The lyrics for this revised anthem were written by Judith Durham, Kutcha Edwards, Lou Bennett, Camilla Chance and Bill Hauritz. In the video clip above it is performed by Kutcha Edwards during the KAGE Team of Life theatre production. For more information about this revised anthem, click here  For a pdf of the lyrics to print, click here.


Australia, celebrate as one, with peace and harmony. Our precious water, soil and sun, grant life for you and me. Our land abounds in nature’s gifts to love, respect and share, And honouring the Dreaming, advance Australia fair. With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.  Australia, let us stand as one, upon this sacred land. A new day dawns, we’re moving on to trust and understand. Combine our ancient history and cultures everywhere, To bond together for all time, advance Australia fair. With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair. Australia, let us strive as one, to work with willing hands. Our Southern Cross will guide us on, as friends with other lands. While we embrace tomorrow’s world with courage, truth and care, And all our actions prove the words, advance Australia fair, With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair. And when this special land of ours is in our children’s care, From shore to shore forever more, advance Australia fair. With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance . . Australia . . fair.

Tell us more!

What actions are you and your friends/ colleagues / family taking? Please tell us below … and please include where this action took place! Thanks. 

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  1. Mary

    We believe in the wonderful work you have created here and we have now started playing it at our school’s assembly. We will play it to all the children.

  2. Courtney

    This is beautiful and is what our children should learn. This land belongs to the Aboriginal people and we are their visitors, i am sorry for what you have had to live through.

  3. Helena

    Wow. How do we make this happen. This is such a fantastic improvement on the current version.

  4. Michele Malseed

    I will never again stand for the current national anthem, which is divisive and completely ignores the true heritage of this country. Only when this one, which I think is perfect, is adopted and replaces the outdated, Anglo Saxon version, will I acknowledge and stand proudly for my country. I’d love to always hear it sung so beautifully by Kutcha.

    1. Leah Thomas

      me too..

  5. Kim

    This is a huge improvement. Not currently living in Australia, so can’t do more than share it on facebook at the moment. I hope it takes off.

  6. Christopher

    Such a beautifully presented anthem in such harmony. It is about time that Australia matures and grows-up and is to be seen leading the way across the globe!

  7. Cathy

    Love this version …. it’s true to the core. Can we make it official?

  8. Carolyn Thompson

    This is so beautiful. I have shared on FB and will encourage my community choir to sing this version. Congratulations to all involved.

  9. Liz Packer

    I shared this. It’s very beautiful. I could happily sing this version. Thanks very much.

  10. D

    This beautiful song should be our anthem.

    How do we make it voted in a referendum?!

  11. Lee

    I would more than willingly sing this as Our national Anthem. It is truly beautiful and would hopefully unite all of Australia, finally. I will share and promote as best I can

  12. Kaye Speyer

    Just Love these words and the sooner they are recognised by being our anthem along with the music that we have already the better.

  13. Jo Anne Jawor

    This is a newer, better version that respects the nation’s First Peoples, multiculturalism and our environment. I *love* it!!!!!!!

  14. Tania Bowra

    Wonderful! Thank you writers and Kutcha for the beautiful delivery.

  15. The first time I have heard the national anthem and had goosebumps all over, I think it is wonderful! I have just joined extinction rebellion/grey power. I will take some copies to my next meet up., and of course share it on Facebook. This will take a good while to happen, but I will promote it as much as I can.

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