Transforming our national anthem 

There are many current initiatives to transform our national anthem. Hopefully, one day the peoples of this land will get to choose a new version (or versions!).  We don’t think it’s up to us to say what the end result will be, but we offer this as one possible alternative.  We welcome your involvement in having this version (or other alternative versions) sung and performed in your local community. No matter how small your action we’d then like to hear about it. In the comments section below, please tell us the story of how you talked about this with friends, in your workplace, had it sung in your child’s school, at your sporting event and so on. Thanks!  

About this revised anthem 

The lyrics for this revised anthem were written by Judith Durham, Kutcha Edwards, Lou Bennett, Camilla Chance and Bill Hauritz. In the video clip above it is performed by Kutcha Edwards during the KAGE Team of Life theatre production. For more information about this revised anthem, click here  For a pdf of the lyrics to print, click here.


Australia, celebrate as one, with peace and harmony.
Our precious water, soil and sun, grant life for you and me.
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts to love, respect and share,
And honouring the Dreaming, advance Australia fair.
With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.
 Australia, let us stand as one, upon this sacred land.
A new day dawns, we’re moving on to trust and understand.
Combine our ancient history and cultures everywhere,
To bond together for all time, advance Australia fair.
With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.
Australia, let us strive as one, to work with willing hands.
Our Southern Cross will guide us on, as friends with other lands.
While we embrace tomorrow’s world with courage, truth and care,
And all our actions prove the words, advance Australia fair,
With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.
And when this special land of ours is in our children’s care,
From shore to shore forever more, advance Australia fair.
With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance . . Australia . . fair.

Tell us more!

What actions are you and your friends/ colleagues / family taking? Please tell us below … and please include where this action took place! Thanks. Please note, we don’t publish all comments that are submitted. We are particularly interested in hearing from people about actions you have taken (or are going to take) in your local contexts. Thanks 🙂 

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  1. Katrina

    this is a fantastic way to bring unity. I love that the tune remains the same and advance Australia fair was also kept, it just feels like a truer and more real reflection of Australia. I just love it. it’s so well done. it would be great to be able to adopt this as the real new Australian national anthem. top work to those involved, I’m really impressed by it.

  2. Erica

    I heard Kutcha Edwards sing this brilliant new version of our national anthem at Uncle Archie Roach’s memorial service last week. It moved me to tears. It feels like a healing song, a song that embraces all of our history, a song our children and grandchildren could sing, that we could all sing together. I just love it.

  3. Nic

    I love this version it is just what we need to unite us together! It makes sense and the words mean so much. Please change to this version it is perfect.

  4. Megan Mundy

    This campaign popped up on my Facebook memories. It was so moving to hear this performed at Uncle Jack’s funeral. I can’t wait for the anthem to be changed to this beautiful version.

  5. Tracie Jarvis

    Excellent, wonderful, PERFECT!
    I love it. The words are befitting and respectful to the original inhabitants and future generations, it is inclusive and actually makes sense.
    Uncle Kutcha has a powerful voice, has sung it so well, it gave me chills.

    We must do all we can to change this to our National Anthem.

    Contact me if I can do anything to assist. ×

  6. Ginger

    Performers and audience alike sang this at An Afternoon with Uncle Jack at The Memo Healesville on Sat 14 May 2022 🙂

  7. Vincent

    Really heart touching and I would be honoured to adapt to this true meaningful version of our national anthem. We’ll done!

  8. Liz Jones

    This is perfect. Amazing words. From the heart. I love this and would be proud to sing this as our anthem and absolutely encourage my children to do the same.

  9. Sequoia

    This is my national anthem it’s a cracker.
    Finally something we can sing with pride
    I will print & share these words with everyone I come in contact with & tell them to do the same.
    WE Are Powerful when WE Stand Together
    Much Love & Respect

  10. Carissa

    We chose to homeschool our children, and one of the reasons was to teach them the correct history of our country, and get them learning about the culture of this land THANKYOU for this anthem, we always do our acknowledgement of country when we visit places and now we are going to add the anthem to our “school” week ☺️

  11. Charlotte L'Enfant

    Hey! I’m planning on singing this beautiful and more respectful and inclusive version of the anthem at my year 12 graduation!

  12. Dave Edwards

    I think the new words are fantastic! I have just discovered Kutcha’s song We Sing, and if these new words don’t get up I think We Sing should be our national anthem!!

  13. Julieanne

    Love it, so inclusive and perfect


    This is awesome! Just shared in my Facebook page and to our local community group

    1. Nick Mckenzie

      Naidoc week has just finished, but kids return to school Mon 12/7.
      I’ll be singing this with my grade 5’s every day.
      Thanks so much!!

  15. MyToyotaStarlet

    Beautiful rewrite and great voice. Fantastic.

  16. Andrew

    A great blend of the traditional and the tradational… well done!

  17. Lindi

    I love this, such beautiful words of unity – Brought tears to me eyes, thank you

  18. Elizabeth

    It’s wonderful, I would happily support it and sing it as our National anthem – thank you

  19. Ann

    I absolutely love the lyrics of this version.
    So touching to the soul.
    And such a beautiful voice too.

  20. Lorraine Standley

    Lovely words with great feeling makes me proud.

  21. Jacinta

    This is so powerful
    I have shared this so many times
    This year we will be getting all community member to sing this together
    I am so excited

    Thanks my deadly uncle and everyone else
    Thanks you x

  22. Rakesh

    As a new Australian, I always thought if we could make the national anthem better and reading through the lyrics is sounded so real Australian.
    I truly hope more communities adopt this version and make it the official national anthem of the future.

  23. Monica Harland

    Yes! As a First Nations woman I would sing this with pride!

  24. April

    Incredible. I have goosebumps all over nothing would make me prouder than to sing this. The current song is outdated and not even true. This is magical.

  25. Alycia

    I would be so proud to sing this anthem. It reflects a country I truly hope someday will really be.

  26. Jade

    An anthem that unites and tells truth about our country and people as one. Thank you

  27. Bronwyn

    I love it- well done song writers- I would be happy to sing this and will consider ways I can encourage others to join in.

  28. Nicholas White

    It would be a proud moment for our country if we accepted the revised anthem! Absolutely beautiful lyrics.

  29. Thomas

    I can actually sing this with pride and passion. Not like the other “old” version. I think it’s only a matter of time.

  30. Susan

    This is amazing and true for all Australians- please let it be our Australian anthem

  31. Gina Ramsay

    Love it! It actually gave me goosebumps, something that the current anthem never has. xxx

  32. Wing Chiang

    So touching. Thank You. And let’s uphold the spirit in these lyrics so that we are passing on to the next generation an Australia we’re proud to call home.

  33. Charlotte Ham

    These lyrics are stunning. I would be so proud to sing this anthem. I desperately hope to see the current anthem revised to such a degree in my lifetime.

  34. Roan Beucker

    This is just what we need to do to start becoming a fully inclusive country, I hope this will be our national anthem soon!

  35. Lou


  36. Peter James

    Incredible! An anthem I would be proud to sing!

  37. Clyde Fernandez

    Wow – I love the idea and the new lyrics! Thanks for your efforts in producing this revision.

  38. Elizabeth Young

    Very impressive, perfect words and I would be happy to support this being our National anthem. Well done.

    1. Nicola Hensel

      I stopped singing the anthem as it was, years ago. I would sing this one gladly.

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