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Join the campaign to update the lyrics of our national anthem …

Would you like this revised anthem to become our Australian official anthem? If so, we welcome your involvement in having this version sung and performed in your local community. No matter how small your action we’d then like to hear about it. In the comments section below, please tell us the story of how you talked about this with friends, in your workplace, had it sung in your child’s school, at your sporting event and so on. Thanks!  

About this revised anthem 

The lyrics for this revised anthem were written by Judith Durham, Kutcha Edwards, Lou Bennett, Camilla Chance and Bill Hauritz. In the video clip above it is performed by Kutcha Edwards during the KAGE Team of Life theatre production. For more information about this revised anthem, click here

Tell us more!

What actions are you and your friends/ colleagues / family taking? Please tell us below … and please include where this action took place! Thanks. 


  1. Love this anthem. Posting it on facebook. Going to play it in to start the day in my office every morning. Going to ask if we can listen to it before meetings.

  2. It’s rare to stumble on something so well thought out and inclusive as this. I am in a perfect position to teach this new version to my students at school and I don’t anticipate any opposition. From little things……

  3. Perfect words and would be a fantastic revised anthem. Will spread the word!

  4. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. I would vote for a change to this in a heartbeat!

  5. Indeed, this has my vote, in fact this is the version I will be singing from this day forward. Thank you for making our anthem something I can be proud of.

  6. I love this and would be proud to have it as our anthem. Thanks and congratulations to all involved.

  7. Moved me to tears! So beautiful! I would proudly stand for this anthem! Bravo xxx

  8. Hello and may I say a huge congratulations to all those involved in the revising of the our national anthem
    This is the most beautiful and well thought out wording alteration. I am just in awe.
    These new words are exactly what is needed in our world and particularly for our country RIGHT NOW.
    It appeases everyone and every culture.
    I shared this to my Fb and its a smash hit.
    What I would like to know is how I can help to get this out to the rest of Australia.
    This should be on everyones lips and list to make the change.
    I love it and again THANK YOU whoever it is that has put faith back into mt human spirit.
    I really feel good about this.
    Well done
    Scott Chambers
    Wagga Wagga

  9. THIS! This right here is what it is to be Australian and I would proudly sing this.

  10. Wow! That is so beautiful, and inclusive!
    Brought tears to my eyes and pride to my heart!

  11. Absolutely apt and to up to date.

  12. I would happily belt this out with pride and a full heart.

    Is there a petition to share and vote to change it.

    Where do I sign up?

  13. Magnificent. I would happily learn these words and sing with gusto, something I do not do now.

  14. I wept – so beautiful & meaningful to me as a non aboriginal woman privileged to share this sacred land. I am sharing as far as I can

  15. Absolutely love it!!!! Very Australian

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