December News : issue #87

G’day! It’s amazing to think that the year is coming to a close. We’ve been so busy lately we haven’t had time to catch you up on all that’s been happening! Now’s our chance to do so and to thank you for your support and interest over the last year. You’ll find here links to new free resources, lots of news and announcements for next year!


Looking back over the year that’s been

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It’s been an extraordinarily full year. Looking back, this year has seen:


Decolonising Identity Stories by Tileah Drahm-Butler
This latest Friday Afternoon presentation, by Tileah Drahm-Butler, aims to bring forth conversation on the ways that narrative therapy can be used as a decolonising practice, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and skill in resistance is honoured and talked about in a therapy setting.


Narrative practitioners talking about privilege and dominance in Singapore
Narrative practitioners in Singapore are exploring ways to explore realms of privilege and dominance. Click here to read more.


Free paper: Consulting young people about living with cancer
We’ve included here a free paper by Carolyn Ng about her narrative work with young people who are living with cancer. To view a short video of Carolyn introducing her paper, click here.


A narrative practice online film festival!

We’re pleased to announce that, early next year, we will be hosting our first narrative practice online film festival! Featuring short narrative practice video, questions and answers with presenters/directors and more … we hope you will join us, wherever you are located, in this smorgasbord of narrative practice!


What is Narrative Practice? A free online course
Over the last few months we’ve been busy developing a free online course that introduces narrative practice! This course will provide a gateway to free papers, videos and extracts to enjoy at your own pace. We are hoping this course will help you weave a path through some influential ideas and practices that make up narrative therapy and community work. Across 9 ‘lessons’ or ‘chapters’ we have brought together papers, videos, images, interviews and questions under particular themes. Included are materials that are relevant for those working in therapeutic and/or community work contexts. Along the way, your host will be Phillipa Johnson, who is a member of the Dulwich Centre International Faculty. Coming soon!


One Year Training Program in Narrative Therapy and Community Work – 2016
Would you like to immerse yourself in narrative ideas next year? This 2016 program will consist of two teaching blocks here at Dulwich Centre in Adelaide (one in February and another in November). In between these two teaching blocks, participants will be engaged in a reading/writing program relating the ideas of narrative practice to their own contexts and staying connected with each other online. In 2016, those who successfully complete an optional extra certification module will be eligible for recognition of prior learning for one subject of the Master’s program. If you would like to immerse yourself in narrative ideas next year, this One Year program might be for you! For more information, click here.


Level One intensive one week training in narrative therapy

If you are looking for a rigorous one week introduction to narrative therapy, our upcoming Level One Intensive might be for you! This practice-based 5-day Intensive workshop will provide an introduction to key principles and maps of narrative practice and is taught by members of the Dulwich Centre international faculty. This one week intensive also acts as the necessary pre-requisite training to enter the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work. It’s being held from 8-12th February here at Dulwich Centre. To register, click here.


Thanks for your continuing interest in narrative therapy and community work!

Warm regards
from all of us here at
Dulwich Centre

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