2010-no-3Dear Reader,

Here in Adelaide, it is spring! The sun is finally shining through and we are delighting in it.

We’re pleased to bring you a very thoughtful collection of papers.

The first section includes papers relating to the issue of suicide. Loree Stout’s paper, Talking about the ‘suicidal thoughts’: Towards an alternative framework, provides new options for practitioners who are meeting with people who are being tormented by suicidal thoughts. The second paper, Illuminating experiences, skills and knowledges around suicide, is an invitation for readers to contribute to the development of resources for families who have lost loved ones to suicide. We will welcome your contributions.

The second section includes a series of innovative practice-based papers. Ocean Hung, a Hong Kong practitioner, describes work with people challenged by physical disability as a consequence of the Sichuan earthquake. Benjamin Herzig offers a story of work with a man changing his relationship with alcohol or ‘the Drink’. Bharati Acharya describes the use of narrative practices to explore the foundations of social activists’ efforts for justice. These are diverse and thoughtful papers.

The third section consists of two narrative research papers. Jay Marlowe describes the use of doublelistening in research contexts with Sudanese refugees. Christine Dennstedt examines the interplay of substance misuse and disordered eating practices in the lives of young women.

Finally, we’re delighted to include a keynote address to stretch our thinking. Julie Tilsen and Dave Nylund invite us to resist normativity and provide queer musings on politics, identity, and the performance of therapy.

These papers come to you from China, Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and the USA. We hope you enjoy them.

Warm regards,

Cheryl White