Welcome to the third issue of the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work for 2013! This journal issue begins with explorations by Michal Simchon and Steve Armstrong linking narrative practice, bibliotherapy and poetics.

The second section features a substantial paper from Hung Suet Lin, Shirley and David Denborough that describes a project in Hong Kong in which women survivors of sexual violence unearth new conceptions of justice amidst their journey of healing. Considering the relationship between ‘healing and justice’ and considering what might constitute ‘narrative justice’ are challenging topics. If you are interested in these realms we would welcome your comments, ideas, and/or stories of practice.

Part Three of this issue contains a sparkling theoretical contribution from Kyle Sawyer in relation to trans subjectivity; and a practice-based paper by Ben Knowles in relation to narrative bush adventure therapy. the diversity of contexts in which narrative practices are now engaged never ceases to amaze!

We are also pleased to announce that the next issue of this journal will feature a new column coordinated by David Epston, focusing on innovations in narrative therapy. Stay tuned!