Dear reader,

Welcome to this issue of exquisitely diverse papers.  It includes contributions from Australia, Rwanda, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, India and Aotearoa New Zealand!


Let the precious hidden values shine brightly:  A collective project with high school boys by Fariba Ahmadi

Seeking to live more peacefully with painful histories by Chaste Uwihoreye

Singing for our city: Using song, story and definitional ceremony to honour resilience during social unrest in Hong Kong by Josephine Wu and Samuel Ho

The Moonlight Treasure Box: A companion for people affected by suicidal thoughts by Chan Ka Lok (Peter)

STEPS Together: Conversations with people facing terminal illness by Amanda Tay

Fala aí checklist: Peer conversations recognising practices of care, hope and solidarity in times of loss and difficulty by Lúcia Helena Abdalla

Reclaiming classrooms: Collectivising students’ wisdom, hopes and support by Pooja Jain

The Hui Process: A framework for counsellors to explore abortion decision-making by Chris Hannah, Suesanne Kutia, Tiziana Manea and Catherine Cook.