Reclaiming classrooms: Collectivising students’ wisdom, hopes and support — Pooja Jain


As a microcosm of society, colleges hold great potential for inviting young adults’ stories of resistance and hope. This paper describes the application of collective narrative approaches in my work with students at St Mira’s College for Girls, an undergraduate and postgraduate women’s college in Pune, India. I sought to integrate narrative ideas into the existing mental wellbeing program by documenting and showcasing students’ stories of mental health and wellbeing and their local knowledge about making the campus a safe place. The focus of this paper is on a collective suicide prevention project, which took place over four months in online and offline modes. This paper highlights students’ analysis of suicide as a social problem and their unique ways of supporting others through difficult times. Narrative concepts such as enabling contribution, externalising problems and collective documents are demonstrated.

Jain, P. (2022). Reclaiming classrooms: Collectivising students’ wisdom, hopes and support. International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, (1), 60–66.