• Conversations with Persons Dealing with Problems of Substance Use— Wendy R. West Quick View

    This article provides practice-based and narrative-inspired ideas for working with persons who struggle with substance use. The author describes various categories of questions that assist people: to reflect on the ways alcohol, cocaine or other drugs have impacted their lives; to articulate their intentions and purposes in stopping using; to develop skills and abilities for resisting cravings and urges; and to begin to create identities based on new or re-claimed purposes, values, beliefs, and commitments.

  • Overcoming Craving: The Use of Narrative Practices in Breaking Drug Habits— Har Man-kwong Quick View

    This paper describes the use of narrative practices in working with young people who wish to revise their relationship with substance use. It describes the use of the metaphor of the migration of identity and externalising conversations, and explores issues related to Hong Kong culture.

  • Language, Power and Intentions: Some Ideas of Working with People whose Lives are Affected by Substance Use— Michelle Cherubin Quick View

    In this paper the author shares stories from her work with people whose lives are affected by substance use. At the same time, this paper tries to make clear the kinds of ideas that inform the therapist’s thinking and the processes she goes through when deciding which conversational directions to explore. Key themes include: the use of language in therapy; considerations of modern power; responding to concerns about harm and considerations of protection; richly storying the web of relationships a person has to alcohol and drugs; and therapist intentions in this work.

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