To leave or not to leave — Ng Joyce


Michael White described therapy as ‘joining with people around issues that are particularly relevant and pressing to them’. At the moment, considerations about staying or leaving are on the minds of a lot of people in Hong Kong. This paper seeks to demonstrate the application of narrative practice in supporting people to respond to the challenges associated with leaving the land we call home. It addresses different moments in the migration experience, from making the decision and preparing for departure, to finding ways to maintain connection with people and places when separated by distance. The skills and knowledge that participants developed through each of these stages were recorded in a series of collective documents that tell a different story about the resilience of Hongkongers during this period in history, and their eagerness to contribute to others experiencing similar predicaments.

Ng, J. (2022). To leave or not to leave: Stories of migration from Hong Kong. International Journal of Narrative Therapy
and Community Work, (4), 12–28.