Chapter 3 — Belonging, sacredness and liberation: The values of Just Therapy

We have chosen three primary concepts that characterise our Just Therapy approach. When assessing the quality of our work, we measure it against the interrelationship of these three concepts. The first is belonging, which refers to the essence of identity, to who we are, our cultured and gendered histories, and our ancestry. The second is sacredness, which refers to the deepest respect for humanity, its qualities and the environment. The third is liberation, which refers to freedom, wholeness and justice. We are interested in the inter-dependence of these concepts, not one without another. Not all stories of belonging are liberating, for example, and some experiences of liberation are not sacred. We are interested in the harmony between all three concepts as an expression of Just Therapy.

From ‘Just Therapy’ with families and communities by Charles Waldegrave

In this video, Taimalieutu Kiwi Tamasese invites Charles Waldegrave to speak to the three critical values of the Just Therapy approach.

Chapter 3 references

Waldegrave, C. (2000). ‘Just Therapy’ with families and communities. In G. Burdford (Ed.) Family group conferencing: New directions in community-centered child and family practice (pp. 153-164). Routledge.

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