• Michael White: Fragments of an Event— John Winslade & Lorraine Hedtke with an introduction by David Epston Quick View

    We present here fragments, reconstructed from memory, of Michael White’s last workshop. These fragments are interspersed with descriptions of events that took place in San Diego in the days leading up to Michael’s death. Our focus here is not on the medical details, nor on the private family stories, but on the task of recording Michael’s last efforts to teach. Our hope is to play a small part in allowing his words to continue to resonate.

  • Storying professional identity: from an interview with John Winslade Quick View

    This paper describes the implications of shifting a counsellor education program at Waikato University in New Zealand, to a narrative or poststructuralist orientation. One of the key implications has been to open up the possibility of viewing counsellor education as a process of storying professional identity.

  • Narrative Mediation: Assisting in the Renegotiation of Discursive Positions— John Winslade Quick View

    This paper describes how the practice of mediation might be pursued from a narrative perspective. In the process, it introduces an emphasis on the analysis of ‘discursive positioning’ which can be helpful in making sense of what happens in conflict situations, as well as being a useful conceptual tool in the practice of mediation.

  • Working for Ethical Research in Practice— Kathie Crocket, Wendy Drewery, Wally McKenzie, Lorraine Smith, John Winslade Quick View

    As counsellor educators, therapists, and researchers practising from social constructionist understandings within a university context, we are called frequently to think about the interrelationships between practice and research. In this paper, we suggest that as practices, research and therapy have much in common. Furthermore, we explore the possibilities that are created when both therapy and research are considered to be ethical relational practices.

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