2002-no-4Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to this final issue in our inaugural subscription year. Looking back, it seems we have covered a lot of territory. From ‘The Question of Forgiveness’, to ‘African American perspective on healing the past and present’, to practicebased papers addressing personal failure, externalising conversations, remembering conversations, and much more! We hope you have enjoyed the diversity of writings and interviews.

This final issue for the year focuses on a theme which we have wanted to publish on for some time – ‘Reflecting on teaching and supervision’. We often receive requests for articles on this topic. In this publication, practitioners and teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, the USA, Norway and England all discuss the aspects of teaching narrative ideas that are bringing them the most challenge and delight.

We have also included here two interviews considering the meaning of education in South Africa – a country that is teaching us all so much. We’ve included these perspectives because they remind us of the broader meaning of teaching for many of the people of this world.

This journal begins however with a practice-based paper by Maggie Carey about externalising conversations with children, and a paper by Michael White on journey metaphors within therapy, teaching and community contexts.

Thank you for subscribing to this journal in its initial year. We’ve been delighted with the response we’ve received from readers. We’d love to hear your comments about this year’s content and would welcome any suggestions you may have for future issues. Please contact us c/o feedback@dulwichcentre.com.au

We hope you have enjoyed your subscription and that you will join us again next year for further explorations of narrative therapy and community work!

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