So you are accessing your file? You are not alone Leonie Sheedy, Vlad Selakovic and Frank Golding, in conversation with David Denborough


Three experienced advocates, Leonie Sheedy, Vlad Selacovic and Frank Golding, join in conversation with David Denborough to share their experiences in gaining access to childhood records for those who grew up in Australia’s orphanages, children’s Homes and foster care. The journey of discovery is often painful, even re-traumatising. Some Care Leavers nd the of cial narrative does not match their version of their childhood. There are surprising omissions and inaccuracies and infuriating censorship that privileges other people’s privacy over the right to the truth. The conversation shifts to strategies for dealing with these problems, but more importantly to the value of Care Leavers creating their own accounts of childhood and a more honest history.