Friday Afternoons at Dulwich

We post a new free video related to narrative therapy and community work on this site on the last Friday afternoon of every second month. Click here to view.

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Preventing Prisoner Rape Project

The ‘Preventing Prisoner Rape Project‘ is a national project here in Australia aiming to:  raise awareness about the issue of rape in prisons; reach out and support prison rape survivors; support those workers both inside and outside prisons who…


Addressing men’s violence against women and state violence

Dulwich Centre has had a long-standing commitment to explore ways to respond to and prevent men’s violence against women and, at the same time, prevent violence of the state. These issues intersect when the police and prisons are put…

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Narrative songwriting

We have recently uploaded to this website a range of songs that were created through the use of narrative practices. We would be very interested to hear from other practitioners/musicians who are combining these realms. Over time, we hope to create an…

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Narratice coaching and organisational practice

Inspired by recent visits to La Fabrique Narrative  in Bordeaux, France, and the European Systemic Business Academy  in Vienna, Austria, where groups of organisational consultants are vigorously engaging with narrative practices, we have become very interested in the possibilities of ‘narrative coaching’.…

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