What helps me the most when I am tense or crying is to go into my room and listen to music. I only migrated from Lebanon to Australia nine months ago so sometimes I feel alone, I cry, and miss my family. It is listening to music that makes the difference. My favourite artist is Egyptian Tamer Hosny. Every song has a beautiful story and I think how the words relate to my life. The songs help me find solutions and help me stop crying. I can find a song for every mood I am in and that makes such a difference to my life. If I close my eyes and sing about the place I want to be, I can be there. It’s like I’m untouchable, like there’s no-one there to stop me from what I’m wanting to do.


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  1. Isaac Gallaway

    Thanks for sharing. I looked up the music and I enjoy it as well. May you discover rich friendships and deep connections with others that go beyond the surface.

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