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  • Perhaps you could choose one of the tips and re-read this, or watch the related video clip on the website, and then consider the following questions:
  • Which life-saving tip was most significant to you?
  • Why was this one significant to you? Was there a particular part that stood out?
  • Does this connect with something that is important to you in your life?
  • When you read these life-saving tips what sort of picture or image came into your mind about the young Australians who created them?
  • Have these life-saving tips made you think about anything differently, or helped you remember what is important to you?
  • What contribution have the words of these young Muslim Australians made to you?

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Dulwich Centre Foundation c/o and we will forward these to the authors of the life-saving tips.

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    Here is a response from Eduardo, an 18 year old young man in Mexico, who read the life-saving tips from Australia and sent this message in appreciation:

    [box] “Thank you for sharing your life-saving tips with me. The story that most called my attention was the one from the boy who loves so much to practise a sport, that when he is in the field it is like all his problems disappear.

    I happen to feel the same. When I’m on the soccer field, sometimes it is like the crowd, the other players, and even my own team partners disappear … there is only the ball and me, my heart beat, my steps, my breathing and the strength I use to apply to my kick. I also identified with the story about the boy who needs to balance the past and the future.

    At this point of my life, I need to think a lot about my future, but this can be scary, especially because I am afraid I might make bad decisions again. Your stories remind me to look at the past in order to find the courage I need for the future. I hope I am able to find what I want to do when I am older, because if I do, I will be able to take the right decisions that lead me to my dreams. Your life-saving tips have reminded me to look to the past to find courage for the future. Thanks.”[/box]