I love sport. When I am on the field, I forget everything. Yesterday, someone at school punched me in the back and after I went home everything was confused in my brain. So I went to the oval to run and run and feel free. When I am on the field, I don’t have any empty place in my mind to think about problems. And I get so tired that then I don’t have to think about things when I’m in the bed. I just go to sleep. The court or the sporting field is a whole different world. When I cross over the line to get into the area to play, I feel relaxed, I feel free in my body and like I can do anything.

I learnt about sport and about running when I was 10 years old in Pakistan. I had to get to school and it was too far away to walk! It took two hours to walk each way, so we ran instead. I remember I got a prize for being the fastest runner at school. The prize was a pen which had a little watch in it. When I came to Australia, I brought this pen with me. We love sport. Physical activity is good in Islam. And the sporting field is a whole different world.


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