The Tree of Life methodology, developed by Ncazelo Ncube (REPSSI) and David Denborough (Dulwich Centre Foundation), has now been used in many countries around the world.

Over time, we will add stories and accounts from workers and communities in the USA who are using the Tree of Life to respond to various forms of trauma and hardship.

Tree of Life exercise with international adoption

Kacy Ames

This fall, I was invited to run several child and adolescent therapeutic groups at a weekend long culture camp for children who have been adopted from Asia and who live with their families in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. For people who have been adopted internationally, there are many layers and complexities to personal identity. I hoped to provide an opportunity in these groups to explore elements of identity relating to adoption, culture, race, and community. I was especially excited to use the Tree of Life method because it artfully incorporates themes of past and present. It also addresses issues of loss but also strength and finding support through community. Read more …

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