Now let’s move to the branches. They reach towards the sky: reaching up, into the future. So we use the branches to think about the future.
• What would you like your family to be doing in the future?
• How will you get there?
• Do you have any hopes for children, for your family, and in some contexts also for your community?
• And what about you? Do you have any hopes for yourself?
Sometimes participants have used separate branches to represent hopes for themselves and hopes for others.

Yarning time about ‘branches’: Questions to expand the stories

Which hope would you most like to tell about?
• How long has this hope been around?
• How have you held onto it?
• Who else knows about it?
• What can you do to start it happening?
• Or if it has started, how do you keep it going despite the obstacles that try to get in the way?
• If this is a hope for the children in your family, have you shared it with them? Have you talked about how together you can make it happen?
• If this hope came to you from someone else, do/did they know you carried it on, that you still want to achieve it?

Home yarning for branches

• Share your thoughts about the future and your hopes for yourself and children in your family.
• Ask children in your family about their hopes for the future.
• Talk about how you are working to get your hopes for them and for yourself to happen.
• Would they like you to be doing anything else to help them achieve their hopes?


Photograph by Tyson Mowarin of Weeriana Street Media Roebourne