Now that we have a clear picture of the Storms in the lives of our families and communities, let’s return to our Trees and consider the Flowers. The Flowers are about keeping families and children safe and strong.
• What are the ways we can keep children and families safe and strong from the storms we have talked about?
• How do we teach children to keep themselves safe?
• How do we teach children to help each other be safe?
• How do we keep ourselves safe and strong?

After making a list and placing the responses on the Group Tree, we choose the ones we want for our family and put these onto our Personal Trees.

Yarning time about ‘Flowers’

Once we have identified some of the ways we are going to try to keep children/families safe, we talk together about how we are going to carry out what we have written on the Flowers. And then we share some stories.

Home Yarning

We suggest that group members continue the yarning about what they have put on their Flowers:
what they are going to do to keep children and families safe.