Creative projects

Creative projects

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander narrative practitioners are involved in some fantastic projects! Here are just some examples.

Tree of Life in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

with Che Stow

Examples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trees of Life

Using the Tree of Life to help young mums

Carolynanha Johnson

My meeting place

Vanessa Davis created this narrative methodology by integrating Aboriginal Art with Narrative Practices in order to create culturally appropriate counselling with Aboriginal children and young people.

Didgeri: Local Collective Response

by Anthony Newcastle


No More Silence

Aboriginal men supporting others who have experienced childhood sexual abuse

Men’s Talk

This project involves men from Mounts Isa, Cloncurry and Normanton sharing stories about Aboriginal ways of being uncles, mentors, dads, grandfathers and friends .

Click here to see the Men’s Talk Project

Thwarting Shame: Feminist engagement in narrative groupwork

 by Kylie Dowse

Yarning with a purpose

 by Carolynanha Johnson

Solid families: Strong in heart and spirit

This program, ‘Solid families: Strong in heart and spirit’, is to our knowledge the first parenting support program based on Aboriginal values. It was initiated by Aboriginal mothers in Roebourne, Western Australia, and developed through a cross-cultural partnership led by Anne Mead and Jasmine Mack.

Click here to view the Solid Families webpage

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    I think the tool of externalizing narrative really shows its worth when men can get to the core of their dysfunction through the barrier of of the shame in how they have acted, such as coming to grips with violent behavior towards their partner.


    I have done previous training on Tree of Life and always wanted to use it, but seeing these videos on it just makes so much sense to me and makes me even more keen to work in an organisation that supports these kind of practices. With a background in music and drama, I’m really keen to be able to use the arts in my work, and feel like narrative therapy is the way forward for me.

  3. marlene

    Once again, I am moved by the simplicity of this work, being accessible to ordinary people. It strikes me that Narrative Therapy is as much about self-honesty as it is about storytelling. Then again, stories are powerful because they speak the truth. I am also reminded that we are innate storytellers – it is something we can all do, yet, so often forget we can. Thank you to all the workers who contributed to this online course.

  4. petronela

    I use the Tree of Life. The views that we always get from the clients are always amazing. clients say the tree activity help them understand their identities better. they mention at the end of the activity that they are more aware of their support systems. And others have mentioned that the tree of life is refreshing because if has more of positive feelings and emotions, and moving from the known to the possible to know.


    I LOVED this topic – this is certainly csomething I can adopt in my work as an educator and parent.

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