The Tree of Life methodology, developed by Ncazelo Ncube (REPSSI) and David Denborough (Dulwich Centre Foundation), has now been used in many countries around the world.

Over time, we will add stories and accounts from workers and communities in Sweden who are using the Tree of Life to respond to various forms of trauma and hardship.

The Tree of Life in Sundyberg, Sweden

For the last two years, we have been trying to develop different kinds of practice built on the Tree of Life metaphor in a Swedish context. In this paper we summarise our use of Tree of Life and some of our experiences … read more…

Using the Tree of Life in family work

In ‘The Tree of Life in Sundbyberg, Sweden’, we described how we have been trying to use the Tree of Life concept in different kinds of work with children and young people. One example is how we used the method in a workshop with two young brothers and their parents. In this paper, we elaborate on that story. It is just one example, but hopefully it can inspire others to use the Tree of Life in different kinds of family contexts … read more…

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