Creating a guide for parents during lock down – by children


Inspired by Mehmet Dinc, from Turkey, a number of narrative practitioners have consulted children  in their lives to create a guide for parents during lockdown.

The first version can be downloaded here 

But we still welcome new contributions! 



Here is Mehmet’s idea:



Because of the corona virus, schools has shut down and children have to stay at home with your parent in so many countries around the World. Staying at home especially is so difficult for children and young people since they don’t have a chance to spend their energy outdoor, less opportunity to play games or sports, no real-life connection with their friends etc

However, so many guideline has been published for parents on staying at home with children in websites, social media, tv channels or newspapers written or prepared by “experts” like; “What To Do With Kids At Home On Coronavirus Break”; “5 tips for effectively working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, when you have kids” etc.

Moreover, they mainly focusing on “creating a schedule for children”, “set boundaries with children” kind of things which mainly structuring or limiting children’s lives and looking from just parents’ perspectives.

On the other hand, what about looking from children’s perspectives. What they think about staying at home with their parents, what they want their parents know about the time they spent together, what they know about the secrets of staying happily together in the house, what are the skills they can use to make this process more meaningful and more fun for them and for their parents.

I do believe learning from them, knowing their ideas and realising their skills would make staying home experience easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, I am so curious about the answers about what if we ask children about their knowledge, experience and skills on staying at home with their parents and what their parents should know about it by these questions?

Here is a video message from Nurnihan  about her dad’s idea: 

And here are some questions to consult children about: 

  • What skills can you use to make staying at home more fruitful for your parents?
  • How you managed to enjoy your time in the past when you had to stay at home?
  • Please share a story of one of your favourite times at home with their parents … Maybe a recent story and a story from when they were little …
  • What do you think your parents should know or do to make staying at home together happier experience? 
  • What are your hopes about your days in the house? 
  • Are there any values you remember to make you stronger when you experience difficulties while staying at home?
  • What you suggest your parents to know or do if they experience any difficulty while staying at home
  • What makes your relationship better with your parents while staying at home
  • What are the skills you use in your relationship with your parents?
  • What your parents should do to protect their well-being while staying at home
  • What you wish for your time with your parents these days
  • Do you know any song to listen these days might help your parents to feel better?
  • Do you know any proverb or story to remember these days might help your parents to feel stronger?
  • How your parents can benefit from the experience of staying at home?
  • What you would like to suggest to your parents to keep well while staying at home?

What do you reckon?

Are any of you currently living with children in the house?

Do you think they would be interested in contributing to this guide?

Do you think you could interview them and send their responses to And then a guide for parents can be created …     


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