Did you have a sense or did you see evidence that the person, in their suicide, prepared you and/or others for the fallout? What steps were made or do you imagine were made by the person to prepare you and/or others for the fallout? What is it like to think about such steps?

He wanted us to know he had tried

In spending that day with everyone, I definitely had the picture in my head that he was letting them know that he wanted to protect them and that he would do whatever it took to ensure their safety.

He had developed a relationship with law enforcement – they had told my sister how much they liked John and felt bad for him when he was overcome by the effects of schizophrenia. They checked in on him periodically so I think John knew they would be able to share with my family how much he tried. These are preparations that I think John made for us.

If you had a sense that your loved one didn’t make preparations for you and/or others has it been difficult living with such a guess? Have you come up with ideas as to why your loved one seemingly didn’t make preparations for the fallout? Do you have some ideas for what might have made it difficult for your loved one to take such steps?

He gave my boyfriend his approval

I was 14 years old, that day in the car with him, but I did sense some odd behaviour the day before. The day before he died he told me he approved of my boyfriend and that he would make a great husband to me. That was the last time I saw him.

If you are need of assistance:

If you are currently struggling with suicidal thoughts, please seek assistance. If you are within Australia, please refer to the following support services. If you or someone near you is in immediate danger Call Emergency Services on 000; or Go to a hospital emergency department.

If you are outside Australia, you can find helplines in different countries here: findahelpline.com