From 1983 onwards, Dulwich Centre was known for holding free events on Friday afternoons. These ‘Friday Afternoons at Dulwich’ would begin at 4.30pm so that people dropped by on their way home after the working week. They always consisted of a good speaker sharing some aspect of their practice that was currently intriguing and challenging to them and this was then followed by discussion and drinks! Now, on Friday afternoons we are placing up on this website a video, maybe an audio recording, or a link to something very interesting. Of course, you can view this wherever you are in the world at a time that suits you, and then contribute to the discussion and debate. We are delighted that this new momentum of online discussion is continuing the ‘Friday Afternoons at Dulwich’ tradition.

We will welcome your suggestions as to topics that we could cover and if you come across particularly interesting video or audio recordings please let us know c/o We are also in the process of working out possibilities for translating the transcripts of Friday Afternoons into a range of other languages.

Disclaimer: Please note that the views expressed in Friday Afternoons videos and forums are those of the presenters and forum participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dulwich Centre Publications or Dulwich Centre Foundation. Dulwich Centre Publications and Dulwich Centre Foundation does not accept responsibility for them. Nor can we accept responsibility for the effects of using the ideas shared in these presentations in your own contexts. Watching these video presentations is not a substitute for training or supervision in narrative practice, both of which we thoroughly recommend.

Narratives in the suitcase by Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo

  Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo is a Zimbabwean psychologist and narrative therapist living and working in South Africa. Here, she introduces the 'Narratives in the suitcase' project which seeks to use journey metaphors to assist child refugees. This work is inspired…

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